August 2013

Tweet Share20 Share17 +18Total Shares 45In February of 2012, Lady Gaga launched  The community site was designed to be a place/hub for her most passionate fans to come together.  Gaga invested over one million of her own money into the site and even created a new company called Backplane to build out the exact […]

Tweet Share2 Share +1Total Shares 2 UPDATE: Here’s the transcript from tonight’s #Blogchat with Chris, click Transcript on the left! Tonight (August 1th, 2013) at #Blogchat we’ll have Huddle Productions‘ Chris Yates join us to chat about video blogging!  Chris has been utilizing video along with blogging for years for his clients and himself.  He’s […]

Tweet Share15 Share11 +110Total Shares 36 “Should we be using social media?‘ is a question being asked in many boardrooms and mom and pop stores around the country.  Yes, even today in 2013.  From the business’ perspective, it’s easy to see why they are hesitant to use social media.  Yes, you can throw all the […]

Tweet Share11 Share3 +14Total Shares 18Last Wednesday during #Rockstarchat we were joined by’s Marketing Directory, Kelly Hungerford.  Kelly was joining the chat to talk about’s Brand Ambassador program, which the company launched a few months ago.  Kelly talked about the program, how it was formed, and what the brand’s goals for the initiative […]

Tweet Share5 Share +1Total Shares 5UPDATE: Here’s the transcript! You know those posts I write from time to time where I show you how I’ve screwed up something here in the hopes that you won’t repeat my mistakes? Yeah, we’re about to have another episode in that series… So this has been a rough year […]

Tweet Share1 Share2 +12Total Shares 5Let’s be honest: No one likes to see that someone has left you.  And I’m not talking about your offline relationships, I’m talking about when someone stops reading your blog, or your newsletter, or unfollows you on Twitter.  Sometimes it’s because of something you did or said. But sometimes it’s […]