November 2013

It’s deceptively easy to monitor your brand and industry mentions online.  Sure, you can do some amazingly sophisticated and valuable breakdowns with expensive monitoring suites, but for the average brand a lot of their basic monitoring needs can be covered by free tools.  In this post I wanted to walk you through how you can […]

Most companies have completely missed the enormous business potential of the marriage of social media and mobile devices.  As smartphone ownership continues to approach ubiquitous levels, marketers are salivating at the opportunity to market to customers at home or on the go. This is where most marketers tripped over the starting line.  “How can WE use […]

Content marketing has been all the rage for a couple of years now.  Most companies are allured by the idea of using content marketing as a way of generating inbound leads.  The problem is that too many companies take the term literally and think of it as content that markets, that promotes your brand and […]

Hey y’all! I wanted to bring the #Blogchat sponsorship to your attention for a couple of reasons: 1 – December has 5 Sundays, so that means 5 #Blogchats.  So you are effectively getting 25% more #Blogchat for your money! 2 – Rates will increase by 33% starting in January.  Due to constant demand for sponsorships, […]

Over the past few weeks I have, as you’ve probably noticed, seriously ramped up my blogging.  I’ve gone from writing 1-2 posts here a week to 5-6.  The reason why is because I want to see if I can turn my blog into a serious driver of work leads and referrals.  I started blogging more […]

Today Entrepreneur ran an article on FourSquare’s new ‘passive check-in’ feature where, apparently, when you are in proximity to a business, your phone will receive tips and information about the business. Immediately, you can see how this feature could hold great potential for creating value for members, as well as spamming them.  On the one […]

Yesterday we covered the three types of people that you will encounter leaving negative comments about your brand: Angry customers, passionate fans and trolls.  Check out yesterday’s post for help on how to identify each and advice on how to respond to each. Today, I wanted to do a deeper dive into how your brand […]

Note from Mack: This is a Guest Post from Kerry Gorgone, who is an instructor at Full Sail University, a lawyer, and Wonder Woman in her spare time.  Check out her previous guest post here on protecting yourself and your works online. Your brand needs to participate in the conversations that people are having about […]

It can be a scary (online) world out there, y’all. For brands, this online world is particularly scary because they are very visible targets.  There’s no shortage of complaints and negative comments being hurled at them.  What’s worse, if they ignore the comments, they tend to multiply.  What’s even worse, most brands aren’t sure how […]

Here’s the transcript to tonight’s #Blogchat (Click on Transcript on the left) Tonight (November 17th, 2013) we’ll cover one of the most requested topics at #Blogchat, how to write and get Guest Posts!  #Blogchat is sponsored all month by, please follow them on Twitter and check out their blog! Here’s what we’ll cover tonight […]

A few years ago I talked to a company that believed they had figured out how to get ahead with social media.  This company could see that (at the time) everyone was starting to use Twitter, so they wanted to hire a ‘Twitter expert’, someone that knew how to use Twitter, who could also train […]