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Tweet Share Share +1Total Shares 0That’s today’s #Rockstarchat topic on Twitter, and you can join in below in this very post!  Feed readers click here. For example, think of all the brands that you would consider yourself to be a fan of.  And it could even be extended to being a fan of a TV […]

Tweet Share1 Share2 +1Total Shares 3Today at 1pm Central on Twitter we’ll be discussing how to find the identity of your fans at #RockstarChat.  It’s vitally important to understand who your fans are, because that helps shape the type of relationship you can have with them. For example, Maker’s Mark literally calls their fans their […]

Tweet Share11 Share3 +14Total Shares 18Last Wednesday during #Rockstarchat we were joined by Paper.li’s Marketing Directory, Kelly Hungerford.  Kelly was joining the chat to talk about Paper.li’s Brand Ambassador program, which the company launched a few months ago.  Kelly talked about the program, how it was formed, and what the brand’s goals for the initiative […]

Tweet Share1 Share +1Total Shares 1 UPDATE: Here’s the transcript from this chat! I’m thrilled to announce that Paper.li’s Marketing Director Kelly Hungerford will be joining #Rockstarchat today at 1pm Central on Twitter to discuss how the brand created and launched its brand ambassador program!  This is a great opportunity to learn from Paper.li because […]

Tweet Share4 Share6 +13Total Shares 13Today’s #RockStarChat topic will focus on how companies can cultivate brand advocates and fans from their own employees.  Seriously how can a company hope to excite its customers if its own employees aren’t excited about working for the company?  We’ll discuss this at 1pm Central today, and luckily a few […]

Tweet16 Share7 Share4 +1Total Shares 27Over the past few years there has been a big surge in the use of the term ‘content marketing’.  And really, the idea that your content IS your marketing.  As social media usage has become mainstream, we’ve all become content creators.  The impact this has for marketers is that promotional […]

Tweet Share7 Share +1Total Shares 7Today’s #RockstarChat will have its first co-host, Billboard’s own Katie Morse!  I interviewed Katie for Think Like a Rock Star, and in today’s chat she will talk to us about how rock stars are using social media and other marketing channels to connect with their fans.  Then we’ll talk about […]

Tweet Share6 Share1 +1Total Shares 7Thanks to Kelly Hungerford for suggesting today’s #RockstarChat topic: How to Get Colleagues and Employees Involved in the Process to Better Connect With Your Fans.  #RockstarChat will be on Twitter today at 1pm Central. This is an important topic because as you are trying to build out programs to help […]

Tweet Share15 Share +1Total Shares 15Today’s #RockstarChat will be looking at a topic that so many brands misunderstand: How to respond to angry customers online.  If companies handle interacting with an upset customer correctly, it can actually be an incredibly effective way to convert a dis-satisfied customer into a fan. Perhaps the biggest misunderstanding about […]

Tweet Share1 Share +1Total Shares 1This afternoon we had the first #RockstarChat, and it was such a smart conversation!  The topic was Should brands connect with their fans? Everyone was in agreement that brands should be connecting with their fans, but what happens if a brand can’t connect with all of their fans? @mackcollier Yes, […]