Social Media Crisis Management

Tweet1 Share19 Share +1Total Shares 20 Here’s the transcript from tonight’s #Blogchat with Gini! I’m thrilled to welcome Gini Dietrich as #Blogchat co-host tonight for the first time!  I’ve been wanting to have Gini co-host #Blogchat for a couple of years now so I’m happy it is finally happening. Gini will be talking to us […]

Tweet13 Share30 Share26 +110Total Shares 79Sooner or later, your brand will receive a negative comment or bad review. Some posts will come from actual customers, others from competitors hoping to poach your customers. Still others will come from trolls: people who have never bought from you, will never buy from you, and seemingly have nothing […]

Tweet Share30 Share5 +11Total Shares 36So over the Thanksgiving weekend there were two big ‘stories’ being covered by all the ‘entertainment’ blogs and bouncing around Twitter.  The first was where a guy got on a plane and claimed to have gotten in a ‘feud’ with another passenger.  He detailed how she was mean and inconsiderate, […]

Tweet35 Share18 Share16 +112Total Shares 81 Yesterday we covered the three types of people that you will encounter leaving negative comments about your brand: Angry customers, passionate fans and trolls.  Check out yesterday’s post for help on how to identify each and advice on how to respond to each. Today, I wanted to do a […]

Tweet23 Share7 Share21 +12Total Shares 53It can be a scary (online) world out there, y’all. For brands, this online world is particularly scary because they are very visible targets.  There’s no shortage of complaints and negative comments being hurled at them.  What’s worse, if they ignore the comments, they tend to multiply.  What’s even worse, […]

Tweet2 Share44 Share6 +19Total Shares 61One of the themes last week at #SoMeT13US was how do you create social media content that communicates that your brand supports people involved in a tragedy or situation, without giving them impression that you are simply trying to leverage the situation to promote yourself? First, you don’t do this: […]

Tweet Share16 Share1 +15Total Shares 22Note: A version of this post appeared in this week’s Think Like a Rock Star newsletter.  If you would like to subscribe, click here. Last week when I was in Nashville something interesting happened: I was primarily in town to talk about Think Like a Rock Star with the Nashville chapter […]

Tweet Share3 Share6 +16Total Shares 15Although I am not a drinker and haven’t consumed a drop of bourbon in my life, I am a big fan of how Maker’s Mark strives to have a close relationship with its customers.  In fact I did an extensive case study on the company’s excellent brand ambassador program for […]

Tweet Share4 Share8 +1Total Shares 12 Starting next Wednesday, I’ll be running a weekly newsletter in addition to (almost) daily posts here.  The content focus will be slightly different, however. Here, I cover Social Media primarily, but a blend of content that can benefit the individual, as well as those that are using Social Media […]

Tweet Share10 Share24 +11Total Shares 35It really is the doomsday scenario for a big brand, in this case, Fed-Ex.  One customer has a horrible experience with a delivery.  A computer monitor is ‘delivered’ when the Fed-Ex driver casually tosses the monitor over the customer’s gate. Even though the customer was at home. And the front […]

Tweet25 Share2 Share12 +13Total Shares 42I am loathe to blog about a topic when it seems that everyone in the ‘Social Media Bubble’ has already covered it, but the recent spat between Ragu and Social Media-savvy dads just keeps pulling me back in. First, above is a list of the tweets that @RaguTweets sent out […]