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Tweet9 Share10 Share2 +15Total Shares 26 Over the past 5 years or so, there has been a rush by companies to understand how to use social media tools.  Customers are using these tools, so brands rationalize that they need to learn how to use these tools to better sell to those customers via those tools. […]

Tweet Share4 Share8 +1Total Shares 12 Starting next Wednesday, I’ll be running a weekly newsletter in addition to (almost) daily posts here.  The content focus will be slightly different, however. Here, I cover Social Media primarily, but a blend of content that can benefit the individual, as well as those that are using Social Media […]

Tweet1 Share18 Share37 +16Total Shares 62 I spend a LOT of time on Twitter.  For me, Twitter is an amazing tool to connect and network with other people.  I know a lot of you like to use Facebook and Plus for the same reasons. Often, we will hear that we shouldn’t be ‘wasting time’ on […]

Tweet19 Share607 Share281 +1139Total Shares 1K Two years ago I wrote a post entitled So How Much Will a Social Media Strategy Cost, which was designed to give businesses and organizations an idea of how much they should expect to pay consultants and agencies for basic social media marketing services.  As you might expect, that […]

Tweet Share24 Share26 +17Total Shares 57Interaction and participation.  It’s something many community sites and managers struggle with and focus on increasing.  Engagement is the lifeblood of many online communities, and yet, so many struggle to reach that ‘critical mass’ of participants. When #Blogchat started in early 2009, participation wasn’t an issue.  Even in those 1st […]

Tweet46 Share7 Share26 +12Total Shares 81 Apple recently launched the newest version of the iPhone, the 4S.  Anticipation was so strong for this launch that it’s being blamed for the 1st ever dip in smartphone sales last quarter, with the thinking being that buyers were holding off on getting a new smartphone till they saw […]

Tweet33 Share1 Share5 +113Total Shares 52I am totally piggybacking on Marcus’ post over at Spin Sucks, but this is a question I have been pondering for a LONG time. The two most popular posts so far this year (by a mile) are this post on How Much Social Media Costs in 2011, and this one […]

Tweet7 Share Share5 +1Total Shares 12One of the ‘problems’ I am running into when I talk to event organizers and potential sponsors about doing a LIVE #Blogchat is that it’s sometimes difficult for them to understand what a LIVE version of a Twitter chat would look like.  I try telling them that a buncha smart […]

Tweet44 Share13 Share16 +1Total Shares 73 Beau wrote me an email asking the following: “Some time ago, you wrote a post called “40 Dead Simple Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog.” This is a great post, and #27 in particular intrigues me: “Leave comments on other blogs.” You state: “The best way to […]

Tweet56 Share4 Share38 +1Total Shares 98So a couple of weeks ago I was blogging about how my search traffic seemed to be flat over the last few weeks.  I decided to do a 2-week experiment to try to see if posting frequency or posts with targeted keywords would have a bigger impact on increasing search […]

Tweet37 Share2 Share32 +1Total Shares 71 Steve Woodruff started an interesting discussion at his place about the latest PR quagmire that Delta Airlines finds itself in.  Apparently, some soldiers brought 4 bags onto their flights home, and were charged for those 4th bags, as per Delta’s policy.  The soldiers were assuming that they would not […]