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Tweet Share19 Share25 +11Total Shares 45I don’t know what you’re into, but I’m into cars. Muscle cars, to be specific. Dodge Challengers, Chevy Camaros, Ford Mustangs—any vehicle with some power under the hood really gets my attention. That's one sexy @Ford! #FordNAIAS — Kerry O'Shea Gorgone (@KerryGorgone) January 12, 2016 That’s why I accepted […]


Tweet248 Share218 Share98 +114Total Shares 578After consulting with clients of all sizes over the last decade, I’m ready to take on a larger role at one company. Helping companies to launch marketing plans is rewarding, but I’d love to see the results of the strategies I implemented, and evolve them as the brand grows. As of […]

Tweet18 Share Share5 +14Total Shares 27Hey y’all!  Welcome to the 18th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show!  Last week’s episode talked about cultivating customers, and I wanted to talk a bit more about that this week and give you a few very simple examples of how you can do this on Twitter by showing you […]

Tweet Share11 Share2 +14Total Shares 17Almost a year ago, my friend Kelly Hungerford contacted me about working with to help the company build structures to help it more efficiently connect with its users and create value for them. has a pretty devoted userbase, and a big reason why is because of the personalized […]

Tweet Share7 Share9 +12Total Shares 18Welcome to the 12th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show!  BTW before I get to the Show Notes for this episode, thank y’all for making last Tuesday the best day for downloads of the show at 66 downloads!  That’s the best in the history of the show since it was […]

Tweet3 Share4 Share15 +1Total Shares 22 Watch this video.  Now. Then forward it to your boss and ask her “What would our business look like if our customers loved us that much?” Or maybe the better question to ask is, “Why don’t we love our customers as much as Taylor Swift loves her fans?” Because […]

Tweet42 Share12 Share39 +13Total Shares 96 Earlier this decade, Patagonia made a rather bizarre plea to its customers: Stop buying our stuff.  The outdoor apparel brand launched a marketing campaign designed to ask customers to reconsider their shopping habits.  To stop buying new coats when their current one was just fine, to stop indulging in […]

Tweet1 Share Share1 +1Total Shares 2On Feb. 13, 1997, the ship Tokio Express was bound for New York when it was struck by a huge wave about 20 miles off the coast of England.  As a result, dozens of shipping containers were thrown overboard and into the sea.  Among the lost cargo was almost 5 million […]

Tweet Share46 Share30 +15Total Shares 81A few years ago, the band Blink 182 was getting ready to release its new single.  It went to YouTube and found thousands of instances where fans of the band were illegally using its music in homemade videos. The band cataloged over 100,000 instances of copyright infringement by its fans, […]

Tweet4 Share27 Share11 +15Total Shares 47One of the biggest struggles that blogging brands face is creating engagement with their customers.  It’s tough to sell your boss on how effective your blog is if none of your customers are reading your content.  Here’s five proven ways to not only build readership, but convert passive readers into […]

Tweet Share Share1 +1Total Shares 1 Yesterday was the best traffic day ever on this blog.  I checked and the 2nd best traffic day came in January of 2011 and the 3rd best in July of 2009.  In other words, it took a long time and a lot of work to reach yesterday. Something else […]